Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soldier Dies After Deployment

On Sunday Jim Dao wrote a story in the NY Times about all the dangers that face soldiers coming home from deployment from car accidents, drugs, alcohol and all the other temptations that face young men especially.

This morning my Army email included a link to the funeral service being held tomorrow for on of the soldiers I served with in Iraq.  SPC Steven Lenois was 21 when we got on the plane for Iraq.  He was a bright, optimistic, confident guy.  He had the kind of confidence that could have led to great success.  But we will never know.

Steven Wayne Lenois, 23, passed away Friday (May 20, 2011) from injuries sustained in a Motor Vehicle accident. Steven was a proud soldier of the Army National Guard and had just recently returned from Iraq. He is survived by his parents Teresa Lenois and Thomas J. Lenois; his siblings, James F. Toczko and his fiancĂ© Dawn, Timmy Toczko, Michael Roy and his wife Lisa, and Kimberly Lenois, his foster family Carol and Norman Dove, Jesse Drown, Zackry Drown, Lucas Dove and Cassandra Dove, and many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. 

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