Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Bike on First Trip to NYC

I did not actually buy a whole bike, just the frame.  I bought this frame because I wanted to have a bike I could take on AMTRAK that was also full size.  My Dahon folding bike with 20-inch wheels was fine for a short commute, but no fun to ride otherwise.

If you can see the silver couplers on the top tube and down tube near the seat tube, the couplers twist and the bike splits in two pieces.  It also has a quick disconnect on the rear brake cable and both shifter cables.  I could fold the Dahon in 30 seconds.  Taking this bike apart and putting it together will take longer.  It also has to be disassembled before I get to the train platform or I am going to have a dispute with the train crew.  So my commute will be a little longer with this bike than with the Dahon, but it will be better to ride.

When I picked up the frame I replaced, the brake mounting nut in the frame was stripped.  It would have been rideable, but not really safe, so it was probably better to replace that frame anyway.  That makes three bikes in three months that have been stolen, smashed and broken.

Bill at Bike Line said the Dahon is junk after the SUV ran it over.  No surprise there.

At the end of the train ride to NYC, I will assemble the bike, ride it to the hotel, change for a business meeting then ride later in Central Park.  The next test point will be boarding the train in NYC to go home.

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