Tuesday, October 27, 2009

USA Today Coincidence

In the afternoon of the day the USA Today article was published we had our first rocket attack in almost four months. One rocket hit out out in the desert, one hit a CHU in the civilian housing area, and one was a dud but smashed a generator on impact. I was on the other side of the base when they hit. So after no attacks for four months, they send rockets on the day that USA Today says there is not much to do and the war is over.

On the day of the missile attack, several mechanics were returning to their living area and saw the dud missile as it was streaking down. They saw the impact and saw the missile was a dud.

In an attack, the first thing every soldier should do is hit the dirt. One of the dumbest soldiers I have ever known decided that hitting the dirt was not necessary for him. So instead of taking cover, he trotted over to the missile with is camera to get a picture. A sergeant from headquarters saw the stupid soldier and ordered him into a shelter.

I have worked with this guy and am quite confident he will do something like this again. He is the sort of person who is intent on proving he is as smart as everyone else, which leads him to do more dumb things. We will all be lucky if, in the course of doing something inane, he does not get anyone else hurt.

Since Army humor is coarse at best, it did not surprise me that the comments about the soldier climbing on the generator were unsympathetic--most were along the lines of "Well I guess it would be bad if he got blown up, but it would serve his dumb ass right."

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