Sunday, April 21, 2024

Political Wins are Complicated. Just Enjoy!


Roz Holtzman and I and many others 
protested Pat Toomey for more than six years. 
Did we chase him out? Maybe a little....

Wins in politics are so deeply complex, no one is ever sure which grain of sand started the  landslide.  In a move no one anticipated a week ago, Mike Johnson pushed through aid to our allies who are under attack and threat by our enemies.  

For six months Johnson had looked to jellyfish as having more backbone than him. Then this week he suddenly became a Reagan Republican and passed aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.  


Until this week Johnson was cowed by threats from the Freedom Caucus, led by Queen Bitch MTG.  Then suddenly he has a backbone and a moral compass.  

I would love to think that activism by Ukrainian Americans and Americans of Ukrainian descent (like me) pushed Johnson toward the good and away from Putin-loving America First Republicans.  But we will never know. 

So I will happily take the win. And then go to the next fight.  

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