Thursday, November 7, 2013

Highlights from Army School

For the next few days I will be posting things I included in the student evaluation I did at the end of my school at DINFOS.

My interaction with SFC Wilkerson, 1800 hours, 29 Oct 13:

After class the evening before the APFT, I rode my bicycle.  As I was passing post headquarters, I noticed that the northwest corner of the APFT run course was blocked with temporary fencing and cones.  People running on the course were hopping over a ditch.

I then rode to the orderly room to let the cadre know about the blocked run course.  When I entered SFC Wilkerson was leaning on the duty driver’s desk.  I asked him if SFC Bennett was here. 

He said, “No he isn’t.  What do you want.”

I told him about the run course.

He said, “That’s a small thing.  Someone should already have checked the course.”

He then straightened up and looked me in the eye.  Did he think I was telling him a lie?

He then said,  “I’ll let the first sergeant know.”  He turned his back to me and walked toward the first sergeant’s office.

At 2221 hours that night I got a message saying the location of the APFT had been moved. 

The next morning SFC Wilkerson said nothing to me.

I bring this up because SFC Wilkerson and I are both sergeants.  When I came with what turned out to be useful information, he never addressed me by name nor said anything remotely resembling thank you.  Quite the opposite.  Is there some reason that a member of the cadre has to address a 60-year-old sergeant who is off duty with no respect whatever, not even use his name? 

I don’t think so.  If the disrespect ran the reverse direction, I am sure there would be Hell to pay.  We may be students, but many of us are also NCOs.  Away from formation there is no reason I can see to students who disrespectfully, especially students who are NCOs.

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