Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eight-Hour Drive Then Eight Days of Luxury!

Today is the 2nd official day of Army Summer Camp.  Yesterday we packed for the drive from Central Pa. to Fort A.P. Hill just north of Richmond, Va.  At Army Convoy speeds, the 250-mile trip was just over seven hours.  I was in the back seat of a Humvee, very much feeling my advanced age in my screaming knees.  I was stretching every way I could on the way down--much to the amusement of the three lieutenants who were the rest of the Humvee crew.

We made it despite my knees and were quickly unloaded into our barracks.

Yes barracks.  For the eight days we are at A.P. Hill we will be in open bay barracks, not tents.  That's luxury already, but these are cinderblock barracks, not wooden ones as old as I am.  Even better they have AIR CONDITIONING!!

I don't have air conditioning at home!!  My frugal wife opens and closes doors and windows and manages our whole-house fan so we don't incinerate.  But I still like AC.  Ahhhhh!  Army luxury.

But wait, there's more.  I stuffed my bike in the Humvee, so I will be able to ride when we are not training.  We are doing PT (physical training) every morning at 0600.  So ZI should be able to ride after we are done.  I rode tonight and got caught in a thunderstorm.  I got back just as the lightning started, so no damage.

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