Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Asian Pacific and Jewish Heritage Month???!!!

Definitely WTF? was my first reaction when I saw the email from our Unit Readiness NCO with an official notice that May is National Asian Pacific and Jewish Heritage Month.

Is this celebration only for those who are Jewish and Asian-Pacific?  The official Army letter said nothing one way or the other.

It turns out that this month, besides being my birthday month and the birthday month of my step-daughter Iolanthe, is also Older Americans month.

So I am 50% qualified for Jewish Heritage Month by birth, definitely qualified for Older Americans month by my birth being 58 years ago, and since I have visited the Asia-Pacific region several times, I would certainly celebrating going back there--at least all-expense paid.

While budgets are cut and training money gets pared to the bare minimum, it's nice to know there is still money to pay a retired colonel to advise all PA soldiers it's time to celebrate our Jewish and Asia-Pacific Heritage.

Of course, for all of us who were horrified by September 11, 2001, from now on May will be

Osama Bin Laden Is Fish Food Month.

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