Friday, March 18, 2011

Boss Goes Extra Mile on Army Guard Service

My employer has always been great about my service in the National Guard--although very surprised that I signed up.

Last month I talked with my new boss about my vacation plans and said I was planning a couple of weeks away with my kids plus unpaid leave for summer camp.  She didn't know sumer camp was unpaid leave.
She said she would talk to our leadership team about changing that.  Today she told me they agreed and beginning in June I will be on paid leave for summer camp.


Serving on active duty in the states is a very big pay cut for me, so paid leave is quite a big deal.

We had a ceremony several months ago when the Army gave CHF a thank you certificate for supporting the Guard and Reserves.  I'll have to see if there is a new category they fall into now.
From the left:  SFC Albert Newman (retired) ESGR Representative;  Tom Tritton, CHF President and CEO; Denise Creedon, Vice President (my boss), and me.

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