Monday, January 3, 2011

Bike Accident in Phila--No Injury

Today I was supposed to be at the Parent Teachers Organization meeting.  I left work at 420 pm, but my trip was delayed by a Lincoln SUV that ran a red light and ran over the front wheel of my folding bike.  I jumped off the bike seeing that was was running the light and thinking he would not avoid hitting me.

The guy had a vanity plate BY TRIO so I can report the accident.  I called 911 and tried to report it.  I waited at 11th and market for a half hour.  I told the dispatcher I was in front of Sovereign Bank.  I called 20 minutes later, the dispatcher said the police were enroute.  Ten minutes later I called again.  this dispatcher said he would send the supervisor.  He tried to say the police went by and there was no one there.  I had not moved for a half hour.  Ten minutes later I called and said I was leaving for Lancaster.

I am a member of the US Government as a soldier.  I want the government to be there to fix roads and sewers and show up at accidents, but I also know that I am always unhappy when I am subject to the whims of a government agent.  The comedy at 11th and Market made no difference because I was not hurt.  And now if I want to get my bike fixed, I will have to fill out forms with same police department and have to have a judge decide the case when the SUV driver lies about every detail of the incident.

The incident has only cost me an hour and a PTO meeting so far.  I'll find out later how much the bike repair is.

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