Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And No Internet Service

Part of the reason I found out about the screwing I got from DirecTV was because I recently tried to change my internet provider.  I had DSL service from DEJAZZD of Denver Pa since 2002.  Last year an ISP named Windstream bought them out.

Dejazzd had great service.  So did Windstream, but it was 38.95 per month.  Verizon offered me 19.95 a month and included a discount on DirecTV and Land line phone service.

They said it would be no problem to switch.

I tried several times from before Christmas to after New Years to get service, but Verizon kept telling me the line was being held by someone else.  I had cancelled the Windstream service on Dec 20.  I had a cancellation order number.

Nothing Verizon could do.  Someone the line was now held by an ISP called Covad.  I had never done business with them.  They had no record of my phone number and they could not help me unless I had an account number.

So I called Windstream.  They no longer had any record of me being a customer.  No record of my name or phone number--even though they and the company they bought had received more than $4000 from me over the past eight years.

I am thinking fo going back to Comcast Cable.


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