Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today is the 41st Anniversary of My Driver's License

Many people tell me they don't celebrate their driver's license anniversary. That is SOOO strange.  What could be more important than driving?

Actually, the strange thing about this anniversary is that until this one, I had always owned more cars, trucks and motorcycles than years of driving.  I owned three cars by the time I had a license for a year, six by year two, ten by year four, fifteen cars and two motorcycles by my tenth driver's license anniversary.  A decade later, I owned my tenth motorcycle and was up to 20 cars.  It took 17 more years to add ten more vehicles and I just spent $788 on my current 2002 Malibu to keep from buying another car.

In that same period, I have owned somewhere between fifteen and twenty bicycles and currently own five since the Trek GT single speed got stolen on Veteran's Day this year.    Bicycles are not quite separate from each other the way cars are.  I am currently getting all the components from one of my race bikes switched to a new frame that breaks in two pieces in less than a minute.  When it is complete, I will have a spare frame.

When it is complete, I will have:

  • A Trek Madone road bike
  • A Surley travel bike (the new one)
  • A Cannondale tandem
  • A Dahon folding bike with 20-inch wheels
  • A GT Peace 9-R single speed road bike.

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