Sunday, June 13, 2010

Changes of Command June 13 2010

CFour companies in 2-104th Aviation got new commanders on June 13, 2010.

Here are pictures from the ceremony.  Military tradition passes the company guidon flag from the first sergeant to the outgoing commander to the battalion commander to the new commander and back to the first sergeant.  The four soldiers stand at the four points of the compass facing each other with a flag flying between them.   

The ceremony is a dramatic moment for those involved.  Often the out-going commander is leaving his  first command.  The in-coming commander has been a platoon leader or other small unit leader before, but often is stepping into his first actual command.  

These change of command ceremonies are especially poignant for the men involved.  Every one of the out-going commanders led their unit in Iraq.  The new commanders are taking the place of combat commanders--always big boots to fill.

Battalion Formation                                                          

Capt. Shamus Cragg B Company, 1-150th 

Capt. Nate Smith B Company

Capt. Ward takes command of HHC

1st Lt.  Zettlemoyer commands D Company

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