Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Satirizes This War?--PT Belt Facebook Fan Page Tops 6000

Spc. Jason Guge of Delta Company, Task Force Diablo, has attracted more than 6,000 fans to his Facebook page dedicated the Army PT (Physical Training) Belt. He almost certainly will have 7000 fans by the year’s end. Guge has added an average of more than 60 fans every day since he created the site on September 5 of this year. In fact, he has added more 100 per day in the last month. He topped 1,000 fans in the first month then added 3,000 more in the last six weeks.
Asked about his method for success Guge said, “I promote it within Facebook at other pages, and I send out messages within Facebook. I also rely on word of mouth. My wife tells people back home about the site. She has even written on the site a couple times as Mrs. PT Belt.
Typically, more than 100 fans leave messages every day , most trying to be more silly than the last:
“My PT Belt keeps me safe in combat. It is my "DO NOT SHOOT" Profile, so the enemy knows not to shoot at me.”
With a philosophical twist: “If you don't wear your PT Belt in the Forest and there is no one to see you without it, will a Command Sergeant Major still hit you with a Gator?”
“I didn't know what I was missing out on when i was in the Navy until I joined the I'm in the PT belt circle!”
“I read that the only reason Apollo 13 made it back was because all three astronauts had PT belts.”
As of late November, the top countries where fans live: United States 2,805, Iraq 415, United Kingdom 165, Germany 123, Kuwait 92, Canada 79, Hong Kong 74.
It is not surprising that Canadians would be PT Belt fans, but why would there be nearly as many PT Belts fans in Hong Kong, one big city in China, as the entire country of Canada? So many PT Belt questions to answer! Other countries with more than 10 PT Belt fans: Afghanistan, Italy, France, South Korea, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Lebanon, Japan, and the Netherlands.
Air Force Staff Sgt. Clarissa Landeros is a fan with seven PT Belts and three more on order from the states. “They are all different,” she said sitting in Coalition Dining Facility with a group of soldiers and airmen. “I’ve got pink, basic white, orange with a stripe, checkered—Wait, look at that lime green one,” she said pointing to an Air Force Staff Sgt. with a lime green PT Belt. She was clearly thinking about her eleventh PT Belt. “You can’t have too many.”

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