Thursday, November 12, 2009

4000 Miles in Iraq, 6000 for the Year, So Far

With just 49 days till my 2009 spreadsheet is closed out, it is time for a mileage update. As of last Sunday, I have more than 4,000 miles in Iraq. Although I ride some miles that are not circuits of the air base, and many interrupted circuits, it is a safe bet at this point that I have made close to 300 laps of this dust bowl. Right now I am 13 miles short of 6,000 miles total for the year. Sometime tomorrow, the odometer should click over to the next 1000-mile interval.

While my heel feels better, my running is way down from last year. But my shoulder is recovering well and my back is holding up just fine despite wearing body armor on flights. So far this year I have done 10,547 situps, 8365 pushups and 705 pull ups, but who's counting. We have a PT test sometime this month. Because I am over 55, I do not have to run. For my aerobic test, I can either run, walk, swim (if there was water) OR RIDE THE BIKE!!!! No kidding. I'll take the bike. I have to ride 10km (6.2 miles) in 28 minutes to pass. And since the bike is pass fail, the score I get is the average of my other two events. I think there is a chance I will be able max the test. In any case, I should get a good score, I have ridden 10k in 16 minutes in the US, so 28 minutes should be very easy to do.

The Biathlon is two weeks from today on Thanksgiving morning. I have no odea what the attendance will be.

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