Monday, May 5, 2008

Detainee Handling Training

Today we were out in a field between tree lines learning how to search prisoners and how to stop hostile civilians, armed and unarmed at our perimeter. We really got into this perimeter defense training. In groups of a half-dozen or so, the same guys I was joking with five minutes before lined up in combat gear and rifles and "hostiles" (other soldiers in civilian clothes acting) coming up to them with hidden weapons. The squad leader yelled Halt, the hostiles kept coming. The rifles had muzzle covers but when a half-dozen battle clad soldiers raise their rifles and start picking targets, the scene has real drama.
We also practiced searching prisoners both standing and on the ground. It was another long day out I the sun and after it was over five of us stayed out till dark practicing for a class on hand grenades, claymore mines and some battle drills. There is a lot to practice and we are spending a lot of time doing on the range practicing. In addition to teaching the claymore mine, I am the left-handed grenade throwing demonstrator--it's different than right handed. Lefties have to hold the grenade upside down to keep the safety lever pointed toward the throwers chest.

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