Friday, April 15, 2016

Done!!! 3 May 2016

Today I was talking to a guy who asked if I could be recalled if (when) there was another war.  I smiled and said, "I am so done!"

And really, I am about five miles past all done.

I am not retiring because I do not have 20 years of service.  I have 19 years of service and 17 for retirement because it is counted differently, so I cannot be recalled as a retiree.

Even if I was a retiree, I am three years past the recall age for enlisted retirees.

In fact, I am now too old to be recalled as an officer.  The upper limit for them is 63 years old.

In addition I served during the Viet Nam War.  I served in the Iraq War.

So they would be recalling 59 year-old veterans from the Gulf War before they get to me.

I am so done.

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