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Soldier Who Wants to Fly is Already Soaring Toward America’s Miss Pageant

National Guard soldiers all learn to move from the civilian world to the military world and back again.It is the nature of citizen soldiers to adapt and make that change.But some soldiers make a much bigger change than others.
On drill weekends, Pvt. 1st Class Karissa Grossman is logistics specialist with Charlie Company, 2-104th General Support Aviation Battalion, Johnstown, Pa.During the week, Grossman is a full-time Army technician working as a tool and parts attendant at the Aviation facility in Johnstown.Recently she has been serving as the Hazmat coordinator for the facility while the technician who normally holds that job is deployed to Afghanistan.
In addition to her work as a Soldier and technician, Grossman has another uniform.This uniform has a sash and the headgear is a crown.Karissa Grossman is currently Miss East Coast after winning her region in the America’s Miss Pageant earlier this year. In July, she will be competing against women from around the country in the Am…

Lunch with Chalid

Today we are making our quarterly visit to our former foster son Chalid. 

Boalsburg memorial Ceremony Photos

From the annual 28th Division Memorial Ceremony at Boalsburg PA.

It's a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting.  Ceremonies like this one remind you that small-town America can do big things.

Apocalypse Now??

Last night I talked with my best friend from the Army back in the 70s. We were talking about the future and he was more depressed than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. He said we can't pay off the debt--"we" meaning all of us Americans--and he started to bring up all the troubles around us. I hadn't thought of this before but I am in the middle of reading the Gulag Archipelago:  a book of almost 1400 pages about Russian labor camps and the politics of the Soviet era in the Soviet Union.
I asked my friend, "If you lived in Hamburg Germany in 1943 and looked around you at the firebombing and and the black cars that came in the middle of the night to take people away who never came back and you knew Jews and others were being slaughtered by the tens of thousands per month what would you think then? What would the future look like? Would you think the German economy would be one of the strongest in the world and that Germany would be one of of the freest and…