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That's Not the REAL Words to those Marching Songs!!!

On Monday this week we marched to the gym for our morning workout.  We formed up at 4:50 a.m. and returned at 6 a.m., so we marched both ways in the dark.

On the way to the gym, SFC Wilkerson sang the marching songs.  On the way back it was SFC Bennett.  They are as different as two men with the same training and the same job can be.  Wilkerson yells, Bennett can sing.  Marching a mile with Wilkerson is dull.  With Bennett calling cadence I feel like I could march to Baltimore from Fort Meade.

But it struck me this morning much more than in the last three months just how completely neutered our marching songs are.  When I joined the Air Force in 1972 and when I re-enlisted as a tank crewman in the Army in 1975, I marched to songs that sounded like young warriors were singing.

In the 1972 we marched to songs about killing Viet Cong, and crushing North Viet Nam.  One particularly nasty song had the refrain "Napalm sticks to kids."  And the sexist songs were so over the top a…