Sunday, August 11, 2013

My School Barracks--NOT!!!!

Before I arrived at school, I heard from several people the barracks would be really nice.  At summer camp this year, I thought the barracks was exceptional.  I had almost 40 roommates, but we had air conditioning.

The junior officers and senior NCOs had their own rooms--with AC.  I was happy for my roommates.

At Basic Journalism School, I heard we would have our own rooms, sharing a bathroom with one other guy.  But when we got here, they did not have enough room for all of us.  I had a moment of wondering if I would get a two-man room, a four-man room?  Neither.

They took us to a IHG Hotel (Holiday Inn) office on post.  The guard and reserve sergeants and specialists got rooms in one of the IHG buildings on post.  This is nice!  We have our own TV, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot!  We have our own bathroom!  

I am sitting at the desk next to the bed, drinking tea I made in the microwave.  Waking up at 0400 every day won't be much fun, but so far everything else is great.


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