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More Christmas Hats from Iraq 2009

I'll keep posting these pictures from the 2009-10 deployment.

Jesse Kline
Aaron Trimmer
Ashley Soulsby
Rashine Brunner
Timothy Huss
Huss and Brunner
 Mike Dolinsky
Mike Dolinsky

More Christmas 2009 in Iraq

Another group of Christmas pictures:
 Jonathan Marak
 Brian Marquardt
 Brett Feddersen
 Scott Perry

Laura Miltenberger

Christmas in Iraq 2009

Posting some photos from Christmas in Iraq, 2009

 Jeremy Houck

Dan Lake

Dan and Jeremy

Glen Valencia

Kimberly Stekovich and Andrea Magee
Kimberly Stekovich and Andrea Magee

44th Anniversary of My Driver's License!

On December 19th, 1969, I got my driver's license after taking the test at the Metropolitan District Commission office in Woburn, Mass., the next town over from Stoneham, where I grew up.

Getting my license was the best thing that happened in my life up to the moment.  I was obsessed with cars and all things with engines.  I still am obsessed with wheels, but am more crazed with bicycles than cars and motorcycles.

When we drove down the highway on family trips, I was counting the wheels on trucks passing in the other direction.  On the trips in New York state I could count the wheels on double-trailer rigs that had up to 34 wheels and tires.

My Dad was a warehouseman and drove occasionally when the grocery company where he worked was short of drivers.  Dad did not try to make me obsessed with cars and trucks, but his actions had that effect.  He worked six days a week and fell asleep watching football every Sunday afternoon.

The times we spent together were always a drive.  He …

Photos From Drill Weekend

Frozen flight line
Cold in Johnstown
Inside a Chinook on the flight to Johnstown

On the Chinook
The walk back to the hangar
Lunch in Johnstown

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!!

Sometimes I wonder, 'Why did I re-enlist at my age?'
Or 'What am I doing in the Army at 60?'

Then I get a chance to do something that only a soldier would think is awesome and then I think, 'I re-enlisted because I love this shit!'

On Saturday, the boys and I gave one of my friends a ride to the Philadelphia airport.  We were in Philadelphia so it should have been a 15-minute trip.  No problem.

We got on I-95 and drove quickly past the stadiums.  I looked ahead at the long approach to the bridge over the Delaware.

We had just passed the last exit on this side of the Delaware River and all the traffic was stopped.  I was in the left lane.  It was a clear day.  I could see a mile ahead.  Just before the bridge itself all four lanes of traffic were stopped.

Nothing was moving and traffic was stacking up.  Within seconds we came to a stop.  I looked up the road at nearly a thousand cars four lanes wide.  And I got angry.  I knew at least one lane could get through…

Sunset at Muir Field, Fort Indiantown Gap

More Post-Flight Photos from Drill Weekend

Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Maintenance on a Blackhawk and an Apache

Back at Drill at 28th Combat Aviation--So Happy to be Back!

Went to drill this weekend just a week and a half after leaving Fort Meade.  So nice to be back at my unit!  I did not get up until 5:50 a.m. for drill!  Almost Noon compared to the student company at Fort Meade.

I missed the morning sling load mission and today's mission got cancelled for fog.  But I still got some good shots of the crews returning on Saturday and doing some drills on the airstrip on Sunday.