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Every Time I Put My Helmet On. . .

. . . Shit Could Happen.

Yesterday, I rode in the morning with Bruce and Lois.  It was a beautiful morning, 45 degrees, clear sunny.  What could go wrong.
We rode the route that EVERYONE in Lancaster calls the 'Stick ride except the guy who has been riding it for 30+ years.  
The seventh mile of that ride drops steeply down from a ridge about a quarter mile to a 14-foot wide steel bridge that is 270 feet long.  From the stop sign at the top, I usually hit 35 mph going into the S-turn that leads onto the bridge.  When the road is dry I zip across the bridge at 50 feet per second then slow as I approach the stop sign at the other end.  When the road is wet, I slow to 10 to 12 mph and pedal gingerly across the bridge.  At full speed I cross the bridge in six seconds.  In the wet, the crossing takes a very long 12 - 15 seconds.

The type of bridge I am talking about is pictured below.  As you can imagine, falling on this kind of bridge can be horrible.  I knew a guy who broke all the …