Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving--168 Hours Later

Last week we ate Thanksgiving dinner which was opulent by any buffet standards and was free--except to tax payers. But even with shrimp cocktail, ham, turkey and every kind of fruit and vegetable you could want, it really wasn't much better than every day fare here. Last night there was a huge line at all four main serving lines when I walked in the chow hall. Wednesday night is surf and turf night. Last night was king crab legs, fried shrimp and prime rib. I was meeting some friends who were already at the chow hall, so I went to the wings line, got lemon pepper wings--my favorite here--fresh cut watermelon, celery sticks, and fruit salad--apples, kiwi, pineapple, melon in yogurt. 20 minutes later the line went down so I got fried shrimp and a chocolate milkshake. I also had orange juice.

Tonight, I had shrimp scampi and everything else I had last night. The food here is the best I EVER ate in the Army and for sheer ridiculous opulence, the only time I eat better is at expense account dinners.

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