Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Ready to Go Home

In a week we will turn in a footlocker, a duffel bag and a rucksack (big backpack) to begin the process of loading them in containers for shipping home. On the same day I will be packing the Trek T-1 Single speed. I thought it was going to be a tough decision which bike to keep, but the right crank and chain ring worked loose from the shaft that connects the two cranks through the bottom bracket. I can't tighten it, Larry the bike guy is still on R&R leave, so I will box the bike up and send it back home for the Bike Line guys to fix.
The other bike I will probably sell cheap or maybe mail it back. Not sure yet. I would have sold the roadie bike, but I don't want to sell a damaged bike in a place where there are no shops.
I filled the footlocker this morning--mostly books and boots. I will fill a duffel bag next week before turn in. I will also mail a box or two home. I can bring a duffel bag and a half with me on the plane--we need half of one bag for the bulletproof vest and helmet.
In the afternoon and evening I was worn out with two really good interviews. I got to interview our brigade commander--the first woman to command a combat brigade in Iraq. Other women have commanded support brigades. She is the first to be the top officer in a combat aviation unit. In the evening I thought I was talking to a Blackhawk company commander about a routine part of his mission, but it turned out 1/3rd of his soldiers were here to support operations in the battle for Fallujah five years ago and the Armored Brigade commander here was a battalion commander in that battle. So the pilots and the ground commander were reiunited after five years. It shoudl be a good story.

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