Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Mileage Record

In October I rode 801 miles, my first month over 800 miles in Iraq. Today, I passed the 3,900-miles-in-Iraq mark. So I have two full months left in this year to get to 5,000 miles in Iraq. It should be no problem if I can keep riding everywhere I go. I often work late now, going back to the office at 9pm and returning at midnight or later. When I ride back it is actually cold. Tonight it was 61 degrees, not exactly arctic conditions, but after the temps this summer (133 in the shade!!) 61 feels chilly. Tonight I rode back in uniform and was happy I was not in shorts and a t-shirt.

The dust storms are supposed to hit us tomorrow. If they do, my mileage will be down. I was hoping to ride at least 33 miles a day. If I can do that, this will be a 1,000-mile month.

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