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Tank Gunnery 1976, Part 7, Final Engagement HEP-T at 2000 Meters

HEP High Explosive Plastic, muzzle velocity 2,450 fps.  

In this night-fire picture, the flat trajectory of APDS is very clear.   HEP-T at 2,000 Meters looks very different.

Now we reached the end of Table VIII Tank Gunnery 1976.The last engagement was a house—an 8-by-8-foot panel between 1,500 and 2,000 meters from the firing position.The ammunition is HEP-T—High Explosive Plastic-Tracer, the slowest round that tanks fire.The actual rounds we fired is not the service ammo pictured above but the powder-blue inert rounds.
This final engagement was truly different from the preceding three main gun rounds because it was the longest shot with the slowest round.When we fired APDS “SABOT” rounds at the moving tank target at 1,000 meters distance, the round is traveling just over a mile per second leaving the gun muzzle.Even allowing for wind resistance, the time to a target roughly 3,300 feet away is less than a second.The trajectory is essentially flat.For a tank-sized target, it is poin…