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The VA Has a Big Problem No One Talks About

Every few months another scandal breaks out at the Veterans Administration.Outrage ensues.Politicians pound podiums and pretend to care about veterans, until the next issues looms.Then they are outraged about pipelines, guns, or honey bees.
Whatever the current scandal is at the VA, there is a persistent problem that never gets mentioned.That problem is fraud by veterans.A small, but significant percentage of veterans milk the system for benefits they don’t deserve and clog the system for those who really need it.
Shortly after I returned from Iraq, I met a sergeant who had deployed the year before I did with a Stryker Brigade.He asked me about retiring.I said my break in service was too long, so I would not be getting a retirement.He said he was staying for 20, but the retirement was bullshit.He was going to retire at 40 and then get disability right away from the VA.He wasn’t going to wait 20 years for National Guard retirement money.
“We all have PTSD, right?” he said.
The importa…